Furgo tackles logistics with P2P marketplace for shipping

furgoWhile shopping around is generally a good way to find the best value on goods and services, most people will just do a quick search and go with whatever comes up first. Shipping is no different, but Spanish startup Furgo has launched a marketplace to allow people to shop around and find great deals for transporting items.

The platform operated by Furgo is pretty straight-forward, allowing people to post tasks (items that they need shipped) and then receive quotes from people interested in completing the job. In that sense, the platform doubles as a means through which people can have items shipped, as well as offering money to those hoping to earn a bit on the side.

Furgo has decided upon a commission-based revenue model. but the fee varies based on the total of the order. After the job is completed, they take a 4-10% cut from the amount that transporters receive.

Furgo launched pretty recently, having only gone live in April. What is interesting is that they opted to first roll out an app for Android, as opposed to iOS, as a result of the status of the market in Spain. Those who may be interested in an app for iOS will not have to wait long, however, as the startup intends to roll one out within the next few weeks. Co-founder Alfonso Jimenez says that, within the first two months of operations, they have reached 1,500 downloads through the Google Play store, with 65% of those people being customers.

Jimenez says that they have been able to get the service up and running without external funding, but adds that they are planning to seek investment later this year. Their main priority at the moment is improving the core service, including developing an API, but they are also hoping to eventually expand into different markets.

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