Drinkets is a platform for pre-ordering VIP packages at clubs

drinketsHeading out to the club can be a great way to spend a night out with friends, but it can be a bit tedious to get everything set-up, whether it’s the tickets, drinks, or whatever, arrange and to get to the partying. Founded back in 2013, Barcelona-based Drinkets aims to help club-goers and promoters alike with a platform that simplifies the process of ordering packages and getting to the fun.

On the side of the end-user, the platform allows people to cut through the line and get straight to partying by pre-ordering a package, which includes tickets, drinks, VIP bottles, and whatever else, at the club. Having ordered their package, users are able to just go to the door, present their ID, and head straight to the party. On the promoter side, the platform enables users to pick up a bit of cash by creating “proms” and adding people to the list. If people on the list make purchases, the user earns money.

The Drinkets platform has proven to be a success thus far, with the company reporting that they have had their apps for iOS and Android downloaded more than 10,000 times combined. It is perhaps more impressive when considering that they are operating out of Barcelona and only recently entered the Madrid market. They are targeting another pair of Spanish markets, Mallorca and Valencia, for their next move, while also eyeing international expansion as soon as possible. As part of their plans to expand internationally, the startup says that they are offering a partnership plan to users who can arrange deals with clubs outside of Spain.

They have raised modest funding to date, reporting that they took in 100K Euro from an undisclosed investor last year and are currently in the middle of completing a second round.

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