Task-management service Swipes offers up simple, but effective, tool to help people power through their day

swipesappIt seems safe to say that there are no shortage of online tools for managing tasks, whether they are at school, work, or at home. But, even in a crowded market, quality services typically find a way to stand out. Such is the case of Danish-Bulgarian startup Swipes, which, despite having only been founded in 2013, has found a significant user base in search of a solid task-management tool.

My Swipes experience began with the web app, which I found to be pretty simple, but easy-to-use. You begin by creating a task and then building upon that by adding action steps, setting it for a particular time, adding notes and/or tags, setting it for a particular time, and more. What is nice about Swipes is that it not only allows users to create tasks within the platform, but also to add them from Evernote and email (with support for Dropbox and Google Calendar coming soon). Having created a few tasks, the platform allows users to schedule them as they please, offering a host of options for snoozing them (offering users the ability to indicate when their day, evening, weekend, etc. begins) or for bringing them to the front of the line if you are feeling the urge to get work done.  The service was initially available exclusively on iOS, but they have since branched out by expanding to the web, adding an Android version in March, and soon unveiling an app for Mac and Chrome.

For the time being, Swipes has opted to prioritize growth over generating revenue, keeping the platform free and only later rolling out premium features.

What is impressive about Swipes is that they have been able to find a solid amount of success, claiming more than 350K users across all platforms, while self-funding for the first 15 months of the company’s existence. They did eventually look to external funding for a boost and now claim an undisclosed amount of backing from a group of 5 angels, including Danish early-stage investor SEED Capital.

The startup is not revealing too much at this point regarding their plans, but co-founder Yana Vlatchkova says that they are planning to roll out different features for the service over the next six months.

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