Closr wants to spruce up the boring list of contacts in your phone

closr-contactsIn the professional world, networking can be one of the most important factors in getting a job or boosting your business. It is nice to have contact information on your phone for dozens or even hundreds of potential clients, employers, or even people who might help you, but you may begin to lose track of them after a while. Swedish startup Cloapp wants to help, offering a platform (titled Closr) that it hopes will change the way we think about the list of contacts in our smartphones.

The idea behind Closr is that we keep useful information, such as the person’s name and phone number, stored in our smart devices, but that does not necessarily prove useful when you are walking into a meeting and are trying to rack your brain to remember whether or not you have spoken to that person. Closr includes that information, naturally, but wants to build upon that by allowing users to note, via text or speech, when and where they have met people (as well as others who may have been present), to receive reminders about someone when they are about to meet that individual, and to receive updates about what your contacts have been doing recently.

Closr is aiming to take the boring profiles of contacts that we currently keep in our phones and to spruce them up by allowing users to connect to contacts via social-networking platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, or other sites, as well as to be able to list contacts based on various categories (work, interests, etc.). It is unclear at the moment as to how much the service will cost or how the company intends to monetize it.

Closr remains in private beta until sometime this month, when it is expected to move into public beta, so it is a bit premature to discuss user totals at the moment. If beta-testing isn’t really your thing, the service is expected to officially launch in August. Although they have not yet officially launched, they are already making plans on a couple of fronts. On the business side, the startup is aiming to open an office in the United States by the end of 2015. On the development side, they are currently working to complete their app for iOS, but are also working on a version for the Apple Watch.

The startup currently reports a nice amount of financial backing, as CEO and co-founder Alex Lewerentz tells me that they have picked up just over $300K (2.5 million Swedish Kronas, to be exact) at a $1.9 million valuation from local investor Benitez Holding, as well as roughly $600K (5 million Swedish Kronas) from IMOG Investment.

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