meshly looks to catch on as Tinder-style swiping platform for professionals

meshlyAs Tinder’s “swiping” feature has contributed to the startup’s explosive growth, it is perhaps unsurprising that other networking services consider it as something for an inspiration. meshly, a professional-focused network which launched last week, does not even shy away from comparison, billing itself as a “Tinder for professionals.”

meshly is gearing their focus towards “opportunities”, be they job offers, help from experts, networking meetings, or even the chance to go out and have lunch, as opposed to functioning as just another social network. The service functions by providing users with offers from nearby or from their network and allowing them to swipe left to indicate interest or to swipe right to toss it away. If they do indicate interest, the app displays basic information regarding the event (location, date, and website), as well as a list of people who will be attending. One of the most appealing aspects of the service is that it is completely free. Founder Niko Porkka tells me that the platform will remain free through the end of the year. The platform is currently exclusively mobile-based, with apps available for Android and iOS. At the moment, meshly says that it has 1,000 active users, with many of those people based out of London, Paris, Helsinki, and Stockholm.

meshly has already raised 150K in seed funding from an undisclosed investor, but they are already seeking more, using their time at the recent Arctic15 conference to connect with prospective backers.

This is not the only Nordic Tinder-style service for professionals that we have seen pop up, as we earlier reported on the launch of Grip, a Danish challenger which emerged from the ashes of professional-locating app Networkr. Also a free service, Grip operated solely in Denmark at the time.

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