Mapiful lets us create online, and order, custom map prints of any location on the planet

mapifulWhen attempting to class up your home or office, a nice print hanging on the wall is usually a nice choice. Drawing upon data from OpenStreetMap, Swedish startup Mapiful has entered the poster market with a service that allows you to create a custom print of basically any location on the planet.

What is immediately evident is that it is very easy to create maps through this platform. You start by picking a city or location (whether you want to zoom all the way into a particular street or out to show an entire country) and then move to customize it. Having selected a location, it is possible to enter several lines of text (they use “Paris”, “France”, and the city’s coordinates as an example) and choose from a few different style options (mainly to do with borders or lack there of).

What is interesting is that they offer “North American” and “Nordic” sizes, designed to fit in different types of frames. The “North American” option is roughly 61cm (length) by 46cm (width), while the “Nordic” option checks in at 70cm by 50cm. The difference in sizes is apparently due to differences in frames available at IKEA. The posters created can be a bit pricey at $60 (including shipping) each, but certainly worth it if you’d like a poster of your hometown or another location dear to you.

The team of 4 entrepreneurs who launched the startup in January have already managed to turn it into a global retailer, reporting that they have sold maps to customers in 50 countries. However, co-founder Johan Thorsson  tells me that they have mainly sold to customers in the United States and Scandinavian countries and they are looking to boost their presence in other parts of the world.

Thorsson adds that the team has been able to get the startup off the ground with funds from their previous projects.

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