Competencer launches to help you find mentoring from the comfort of your home

competencerHistorically, you were pretty limited in your choices if you found your life in a rut and yourself in need of a career or personal boost. Most people might just look up the nearest counselor, but Swedish startup Competencer wants you to broaden your horizons with a platform that connects you with a counselor online, allowing you to chat from the comfort of your own home.

In order to get started with the platform, users either click “Find a specialist” or one of a handful of categories. From there, users can search by keyboard or filter through choices by language-skills, profession, or speciality. What is nice is that each specialist lists a fee next to their title, which makes it easy to quickly compare prices. Within a typical profile, specialists list their qualifications, offer a basic introduction, outline their typical work approach, lay out the typical first meeting, and list fees for various sessions. The profile information is nearly all in Swedish, as co-founder Janna Jarlman says that they are concentrating on the domestic market for the moment. What is cool about this particular platform is that they are not just aiming to set people up with various types of counselors, but also provide a bit of information to help users figure out which type of specialist may be suitable for them.

The startup has just launched, so it is a bit early to reveal numbers with regards to users. However, they do say that they have 30 specialists available to assist.

Pricing varies, depending on the fee set out by the specialist. For their part, Competencer takes charges a fixed monthly fee of 29 Euro from the advisers and takes a commission on each transaction.

Competencer has just recently raised an undisclosed amount of funding through a seed round. Although they are keeping the funding total under wraps, we know that it comes from Klarna co-founder Niklas Adalberth and the Stockholm Business Angels, as well as several other angels.

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