Tiltology offers tool that lets users to interact and play with their videos

tiltologyOnline video has come a long way since YouTube and other services emerged about a decade ago. Quality has improved dramatically, but French startup Tiltology wants to take the next step and make the experience a bit more interactive.

It is one thing to read about a service and another to actually test it out. As you can see here, here and here, the app allows use to take advantage of the phone’s gyroscope or use your fingers to play with “tilts”, which are essentially static images that can be moved back and forth. The Vine post, in particular, demonstrates the “fun” aspect of using the service. Their app for Android has been fairly well-received, claiming 3.7 (out of 5) stars from 61 ratings. The service is free to most regular users, as the company has opted to monetize the platform by charging customers in business or media, as well as power users, based on the number of API requests that they make.

Tiltology unveiled their apps for Android and iOS back in January. They are not revealing their total number of users at the moment, but would tell me that they are witnessing 20% month-over-month growth. They also have an SaaS platform that they are testing with partners from the media and online retail industries, but that remains in private beta and they cannot say much about it at the moment.

The startup claims an undisclosed amount of external financial backing from the Orevon accelerator. Going forward, they are working to develop further features for the platform, such as slow motion and a tool that will allow you to convert any video or GIF into a “tilt”. Tiltology was also recently nominated in the category “Coolest Technology Innovation” for the 2015 edition of The Europas, the annual European startup competition, which should help them generate some buzz.

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