6Tribes goes live as interest-based social network geared towards millenials

6tribesWhether it is Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, or some other service, chances are pretty good that you have an account on a particular social network. Launching in the United Kingdom, 6Tribes hopes that you have a bit of interest in joining one more.

The team behind 6Tribes has set out to build a social network that will connect users by interest, rather than by family or friends. The idea is that users can create “tribes,” through which they can chat, share photos or videos, etc. Features of the platform will likely be familiar to users of other social networks, as members of the “tribe” can “bump” interesting posts, share to other platforms (Twitter, Facebook, etc.), meet others, and more. Tribes are solely public for the moment, but introducing private groups is among the startup’s plans. What seems unique to this platform is that the service analyzes the user’s interests and posting history to create a series of tags (called “Social DNA”) that ostensibly allows them to find interesting people and groups. The platform is currently only available on mobile (and limited to iOS, at that), but they are working to develop versions for Android and the web.

The service is completely free, as co-founder Anthony Rose tells me that, like other young startups, they are currently more focused on getting the service launched than generating revenue. That they are able to focus on expansion over revenue may be partly a function having raised an undisclosed amount of seed funding.

The platform is currently only available to users in the United Kingdom, but they are already thinking about U.S.-based users, declaring intentions to launch in the American market in the near future.

6Tribes got its start last November and then, following a bit of testing, their team set about building the platform. Now, it is time for the big launch. At launch, the startup reports that they have 100 tribes at launch.

This is not the first go at entrepreneurship for co-founders Rose and Ernesto Schmitt, as they previously co-founded Beamly, which is billed as a social network for television. Prior to that, Rose was responsible for the BBC iPlayer.

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