GoWorkaBit hooks people up with short-term work opportunities

GoWorkaBitWith work difficult to find in many countries, people sometimes have to be willing to take anything that they can get. Temporary work is one option, and Estonian startup GoWorkaBit wants to take this idea to the maximum offering a job marketplace that allows users to find short-term (as short as 1-4 days) jobs at restaurants, bars, warehouses, and so forth.

GoWorkaBit operates a bit differently than other job platforms, as users find work by searching through listings and then submitting a brief paragraph on themselves (and perhaps a photo or video) and what they are seeking in the work (no resumes needed). As opposed to employers who will never bother to tell you if you have received a job, each applicant receives an SMS and email to let them know whether or not they should come in. If they receive the job, workers are expected to do the work and to then send information regarding the company and number of hours completed to GoWorkaBit, who pays them 14 days later. Workers also have the option of rating employers in order to give others a heads up on where they should apply and who to avoid. Employers are required to pay the workers for the hours that they complete (naturally), but GoWorkaBit says that they handle contracts and payroll.

On their end, GoWorkaBit generates revenue by charging employers a 10-20% fee based on the wage offered. Up to this point, GoWorkABit has been funded by an undisclosed amount from SeedCamp, which has helped them attract more than 35,000 job-seekers and 800 employers since the platform launched in October 2013.

Like many startups, their plans include international expansion. They are taking a methodical approach, however, planning to expand their current markets of Tallinn, Tartu (Estonia), and Helsinki to London. From there, the company says that they intend to move city-by-city across Europe.

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