Bellabeat launches LEAF, a wearable device that enables women to monitor their overall health

leaf-women-healthY Combinator alumnus Bellabeat hopes that there is room for another player in health monitoring tools market, particularly for a device specifically geared towards women.

What is immediately evident about LEAF, the device that the year-old startup is its design, as it appears more as a piece of jewelry than wearable tech. The device, made from pale European wood and stainless steel, can be clipped on to the wearer’s clothing or worn as a necklace and  functions by using highly-sensitive sensors to measure various indicators of the wearer’s health (including her menstrual cycle) and transmitting the data to their app for iOS or Android through Bluetooth. The way in which the device is worn has actual significance, as wearing it as a necklace allows it to measure the wearer’s stress by determining how strongly they are breathing.

This device, while monitoring the wearer’s health, aims to go beyond by suggesting exercises, connecting wearers to other users in an online community. and even acting as an alarm to help you wake up.

Those interested in picking a LEAF up can now order one for $129.

Although Bellabeat is headquartered in San Francisco, they maintain a global connection, maintaining offices in Hong Kong and Zagreb, Croatia. The startup’s founders are European, as well, with Sandro Mur hailing from Croatia and Urska Srsen from Slovenia.

Many of the European startups we cover will raise a few hundred thousand dollars (or maybe a million) at the seed stage, but Bellabeat pulled in $4.5 million last May from a group that includes Y Combinator, SV Angel, Universal, Crunchfund, and a handful of private investors. While the startup is currently focused on rolling out the LEAF, they are also developing the SHELL and BALANCE, which will be additional wearable devices.

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