Yandex says bank cards dominate payments in most Russian websites while PayPal lags far behind

Analyzing 86,000 domestic sites, that is to say all sites that currently accept payments, Russian search giant Yandex reveals that bank cards are the preferred method of accepting payments by a large majority. The company found that 89% of sites accept bank cards (debit, prepaid or credit) as a method of payment, compared to 47% who use Yandex.Money, 44% who use WebMoney, 39% for Qiwi, 8% for PayPal, and 3% for RBK Money.

Yandex reveals that nearly half of the sites surveyed use payment solutions, which allow them to accept payments through a variety of methods after setting up just one protocol. In this case, the preferred methods are clearly Robokassa (21%) and Yandex Payment Solution (19%), with Interkassa (5%) and others (3%) trailing well behind. The “others” category includes services like Wallet One, Opiata, PayOnline, and PayAnyWay.

There seems to be little middle ground with regards to the number of payment methods sites use, as 51% of respondents indicated that they use three or more, while 47% say that they use one. Only 3% said that they use two payment methods, which represents a drop of 6%, as sites increasingly embrace a larger number of methods.


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