OpenSignal unveils WiFimapper to help you find a free, quality WiFi connection

wifimapperAnyone with a smartphone likely knows the pain of burning through your data when out in public, be it going about your daily basis or on vacation. Free WiFi can be a godsend, but you may be left wandering around, hoping to stumble upon a quality (and free) connection. London-based OpenSignal, which offers insight into the strength of local connections, has come to the rescue, unveiling WiFiMapper, their database of 500 million free hotspots around the globe.

The startup, founded in 2010, says that this latest service can provide users with insight into the type of venue providing the WiFi, the strength of the connection, and even the quality of the coffee for cafes. The free app is currently only available on iOS, but says that an Android version is coming soon.

As a reminder, OpenSignal draws data from its users to measure the strength of mobile networks and subsequently rank them. Their apps, which are free and do not display ads, are available on Android and iOS.

We previously heard from OpenSignal back in August 2014 when they announced that they had pulled in $4 million in a Series A from Qualcomm Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and Passion Capital.

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