HomeToGo finds success as meta search engine for vacation rentals

hometogoBooking vacation homes or rentals has been possible for years, but with a proliferation of search engines out there, the next logical step is for a “meta” search-engine to emerge and allow users to search through the search engines in order to secure a solid deal. HomeToGo, a German startup which opened to the public in April 2014, has quickly found a great deal of success in this market, reporting that they now bring in users “in the six figures” on a monthly basis from the domestic market alone.

The platform functions by enabling users to search across more than 150 rental providers from more than 200 countries. You start by indicating your desired city or region, the dates, and the number of people who will be staying at the property. It is a pretty typical search engine, but what I found unique is that users have the ability to filter out properties by the distance from water, as well filter them out by a host of amenities. Another appealing aspect of the service is that they indicate sites on which the property is listed and the price for each, allowing the renter to save a bit of money by booking through a particular service. As with many marketplaces, users are able to rate their experience, which HomeToGo takes and uses as a guide for potential renters, indicating whether the property is “outstanding”, “very good”, and so forth.

Their database of properties to which users have access is pretty impressive, as well, currently totaling 1.5 million holiday rentals or vacation homes. HomeToGo has opted for a commission model, generating revenue based upon the traffic that they redirect to their partners and the bookings that they help to facilitate.

Just last month, the company raised funding from Acton Capital Partners and DN Capital. Although they do not wish to reveal the exact amount, they would tell us that the deal was valued in the “higher seven-digit range”. Part of the investment will be devoted towards funding the startup’s international expansion. They have already unveiled sister sites for the Netherlands, France, and Poland, but soon plan to launch in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

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