Part-up prepares to launch marketplace for temporary, project-focused teams

partupOne of the first moves when starting on a project, any type of project, is typically to organize a team to manage all aspects of the work. Sometimes it is your family and friends, sometimes it is other members of your organization, but you might not be able to find all of the appropriate people. Launching this summer, Dutch startup Part-up wants to help with a marketplace that allows businesses or organizations to create temporary teams to complete various projects.

Part-up has developed their own algorithm, which ostensibly allows them to more easily connect prospective team-members with relevant projects. After completing their profile, users are able to find projects by location or through their network or move to create their own. What is interesting is that users can contribute to any project, be it through a monetary donation, by joining, or perhaps offering some suggestions on how it can be completed. If you create a project, the service automatically offers suggestions on potential additions to the team, who are give a number rating based upon their relevance to the work. According to Part-up, the algorithm takes into account the user’s social-media profiles, their tags, and the ratings that they have given and received from others. Within the project itself, users can rate the contributions of others, receive notifications on every action, and arrange contracts regarding potential contributions.

Part-up has opted for a subscription model, allowing people to use the service for free, but charging 95 Euro annually for those interested in creating private “part-ups” (groups) or networks of these groups. If that is insufficient, there is also an enterprise-level option, which runs for 500 Euro, which the company says allows businesses to use the groups internally.

As Part-up has not yet officially launched, it is too early to talk about the number of users that they have. However, the company says that the platform will launch with at least 2,500 “uppers” and 25 networks. There is the option of doing volunteer work or finding a temporary job, so it would be theoretically possible to use the platform to find full-time work.

A couple of weeks ago, the startup picked up 215K Euro from undisclosed investors to fund their operations and the development of their matching algorithm.

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