Lokalise offers up dashboard to simplify the process of translating your app into various languages

lokalise-appMost developers today tend to not speak more than a language or two and it becomes necessary to farm the work out. Latvian startup Lokalise, which just launched in March, aims to smooth the translation process with a dashboard that allows developers to translate, whether themselves or with the help of others, their app and bring their creation to the global market.

Essentially, the Lokalise platform allows developers to import their keys and existing translations, do the work (with the help of suggested text or offering access to translators), and then export it again. The dashboard offers data on how much you have to translate and what percentage of the work has been completed for translations into various languages, which is nice to know as you are slogging through the work. One of the nice aspects of the platform is that users can translate for multiple operating systems at one, saving them from the hassle of having to re-do their work every time.

Business can be a funny thing, as you frequently create a company with a specific purpose, but sometimes ideas pop up when you do not expect it. In the case of Lokalise, Nick Ustinov tells me that the team at startup Roamer, which allows users to use their usual mobile phone number locally through WiFi and which he runs as CEO, conceived of this project as simply an internal tool, but, after showing it off to developers, concluded that it could have value on its own and decided to spin it off. The founders are currently funding the project themselves, but are seeking investment in order to really get the company off the ground.

At this point, the company says that there are 150 teams using the service.

In order to generate revenue, the team at Lokalise has opted for a subscription model, offering free access for up to 1,000 hosted keys, 2 projects, and 5 contributors and then charging 14 Euro per month for up to 5,000 keys. Those in need of even more functionality can pick up the enterprise plan for a straight fee of 149 Euro. Ustinov says that the free plan is sufficient for small and medium-sized apps, but lacks translation history/memory and API access.

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