Social-media platform Edgee aims to fill the gap between Twitter and WordPress in the content-creation market

edgeeThe concept of creating a space for people to add videos, text, photos, and other content to a page is not particularly novel, but there is nonetheless room in this space if a startup introduces a platform that is rich in features or particularly visually-appealing. German startup Edgee, which bills itself as a sort of cross between Twitter and WordPress, aims to do just that.

What strikes me about this platforms is that they offer a ton of versatility right off the bat. The design is nice, but what is really appealing is that users can insert links from YouTube, Vimeo, Vice, Flickr, Google Docs, Google Maps, Soundcloud, and so forth. Worth noting, however, that the startup says that they take information provided by the users and either provide recommendations on “edgees”, as they call the posts, that they may find interesting or serve up ads. The service is free and it is noteworthy that CEO Markus Maier, who deferred Harvard Business School in order to create this business, tells me that they have no intention of monetizing the service in the near future.

The platform emerged in private beta back in February, but they are now ready to launch to the public. Like some other young startups, these guys are reluctant to reveal information about their total number of users or their investors. What we do know is that the startup has been a participant in the acceleration program at German Accelerator, an accelerator focused on bringing German startups across the pond and helping to introduce them to the American market.. Further, Edgee says that they have raised a round with participation from angel investors, but that is all that they are willing to disclose at this point.

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    Startup is doing fabulous job. Space for people to post their videos, photos, text will help people to connect with others.


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