ClickMechanic brings the process of booking a mechanic into the online era

clickmechanicHistorically, taking care of an issue with your car has been as straight-forward as taking it to dealer or into a local shop. It is not a particularly stressful process, but British startup ClickMechanic has found that 23% of those in the U.K. feel ripped off when visiting the mechanic, while another quarter are hesitant to even go into the shop. So, they’ve decided to do something about it with an on-demand service that brings car repairs into the internet age.

The platform works by allowing users to select a particular problem or, if they are like many people and are not particularly car-savvy, to have mechanic perform a diagnostic inspection. From there, they input the vehicle registration number and are presented with a manufacturer-approved price quote. Finally, having received a quote, they go ahead and proceed to book a session with a mechanic. One of the nicest aspects of the service is that users do not even need to go to the local shop to have the issue taken care of, as they can have the mechanic simply come to them. And the mechanics who use the service are qualified and vetted, so it isn’t as though some stranger off the street will show up at the user’s door. Only after the job is completed is the transaction processed.

Although the startup has not revealed how many people have used the service, they do report that they have witnessed 30-40% month-over-month growth since launching back in 2012 and that they have processed nearly 1,000 price quotes.

Just last week, they reported that they have picked up 320,000 British pounds, which they are planning to put towards product development and hiring additional staff. Interesting, the group funding this latest round is entirely comprised of private investors, led by Just Eat CEO Klaus Nyengaard. This round represents a sizable increase over their previous funding deal, when the startup took home 90,000 pounds.

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