Splittable simplifies the annoying task of figuring out which roommate owes what in your household

splittableSimply put, sharing an apartment with roommates can often be an adventure. There will be times when you share a drink and laugh, while others when you get on each other’s nerves. Paying the bills is hardly the most exciting aspect of sharing a living space, but it must be done and London-based startup Splittable believes that they have just the app to make divvying up the costs as painless as possible.

Splittable unveiled their MVP back in September, but went live with their online platform, as well as apps for Android and iOS, just last week. The service is pretty simple, allowing users to add and delete housemates as necessary and to divide up payments for everything from the rent, to pizza, to the electric bill, so that everyone in the house knows how much they owe at any given time.

The platform, which is currently available online and, Nick Katz, co-founder and CEO of the startup, tells me that thAt the moment, the startup tells me that they are more focused on building their product and acquiring users than generating revenue. They do have monetization plans, exploring the option of introducing fees for helping landlords to collect rent or utility companies to receive their payments, but nothing is set in stone as yet. They do have some external funding, having closed a small seed round, worth an undisclosed amount, that Katz arranged through a network of private angels.

To date, the company claims 1,500 users, a good amount when you consider that they have not yet begun serious marketing efforts. They are focused on London for now, but intend to expand to other major cities once they have become better established.

Even though these guys are in business to make money, they have not forgotten about the less fortunate in their community, offering 1% of all revenue to charitable causes in the housing sector (dealing with homelessness and related issues). Katz says that they have bigger charity plans, but those remain under wraps for now.

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