Flyte takes to crowdsourcing to fund a levitating lightbulb that is powered through the air

flyteFew household items are as practical as the lightbulb, but rarely do you encounter one that acts as a centerpiece that you can show off to your friends. However, the hovering lightbulb from Flyte may be the one to change that.

A hovering lightbulb may seem like a bit of magic, but this one is actually a product of electromagnets, allowing the bulb to hover, while simultaneously wirelessly receiving power from the base. The idea is fairly simple, in that the wooden based contains an electromagnet and wireless power transmitter, which the specially-designed bulbs include a wireless power receiver and magnets. Once in place (the magnets ensure that it is centered), the bulb is slowly rotated around the center of the block and lights up, assuming that it has been turned on. The startup bills this bulb as being incredibly easy to turn off, as well, requiring the person to simply touch the wooden base.

Like a number of other recent hardware projects, these guys have opted for the power of crowdfunding to gauge interest and cover the cost of manufacturing.Though they just began the campaign last week, aiming for a healthy $80,000, but they have already soared past that, taking in more than $193,000 from 683 backers with another 24 days left in the campaign.

At a minimum of $249, the hovering lightbulb from Flyte will likely be one of the most expensive lightbulbs you will ever buy, but it may be worth it for the novelty factor. One of the nice aspects of this particular bulb is that the startup promotes it as having a lifespan of 50,000 hours, good for more than a decade of regular use.  Those interested in picked one up will likely be able to do so before the end of this year, as the startup anticipates shipping to backers in October or November.

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