TruBe aims to be your high-quality, on-demand personal trainer

TruBeAppFor a lot of people, getting off your butt and getting in shape can be a bit of a challenge. Most people head to the gym or might do a bit of running on their own, but proper motivation is pretty important. Launching out of London, TruBe aims to provide just that, delivering workouts from personal trainers to the masses.

TruBe functions by allowing users to find a personal trainer who can come to the home, office, or elsewhere and deliver a workout, be it tone and conditioning, pre- and post-natal, ballet barre, strength and power, or others at the user’s requested level of intensity. But they are not just standard workouts, either, as the startup says that the programs can be customized based on the user’s needs. It does not have to to be a one-on-one session, either, as the group option is available. One of the nicer aspects of the service is that there are no subscription or sign-up fees, as users are required to simply arrange on-demand sessions (or schedule them up to a couple of weeks in advance, if it is easier) and then pay after the workout has concluded. Those looking to work out do not need to bring any equipment either, as the trainer comes prepared with it. The service is relatively pricey, starting at 65 pounds per hour, but perhaps worth it for what they are offering. Worth noting that the platform is currently only available on iOS.

Although currently operating solely in London, they ultimately aim to scale globally. For that, however, they will need external backing and the company is currently privately funded. They plan to branch out into other types of exercises and well-being activities, as well, introducing kickboxing, yoga, and others.

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