Droplet Life launches Kickstarter campaign to fund a simple daily reminder

DRoplet-LifeMost of us do not need reminders to complete simple tasks, be it taking out the garbage, taking medication, or any of life’s little chores. But, sometimes we just forget. It is for those times, and for other tasks, that a group of Stanford engineering grads have worked up the Droplet, a simple button to help us stay on top of all of our daily tasks.

The Droplet device is pretty simple, allowing users to attach it to anything for which they would like a reminder and to then press it every time that they complete that particular task. Having completed the task, notifications are sent to a smartphone app. Users can set the device to send notifications after they have missed a scheduled task, as well. It is not just for tasks, either, as the developers of the project claim that it can be set up to allow users to re-order supplies online, send automatic texts, or track work hours. Those who give to the Kickstarter campaign can get their hands on the Droplets for $39.

In order to fund the project, the team has just launched a campaign on Kickstarter. Outside of this campaign, Droplet tells me that they are bootstrapping the project, with undisclosed seed investment from their adviser. Crowdfunding can prove to be a sound option for hardware-focused startups looking to gauge consumer interest and raise funds for production, but it can be pretty risky. Droplet is just now beginning their campaign and, if they fall short of their goal, backers will receive a full refund. At the moment, it is unclear as to how the project will proceed if they do not reach their goal.

On the other hand, the company tells me that they do currently have a working prototype. If the project is successfully funded, backers can expect to get their hands on the device around January 2016.

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