Camio helps you keep an eye on your home without having to pick up expensive equipment

CamioIt is not often that we come across a startup that counts Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer as an investor, but home-monitoring service Camio, based out of San Mateo, California, is one such company. The startup, which launched last February and then released their apps for Android and iOS in November, aims to allow users to set up a surveillance system for their home or office, but without having to buy new equipment.

The platforms allows users to position their device, be it a tablet, phone, laptop, dropcam, etc. and to push a button and immediately begin streaming to a different device. One of the cool things about the platform is that users can search through the footage (“people outdoor walkway” is the example given) and it can then pull all instances matching that particular term. The company says that the platform is “smart”, as well, capable of learning how the individual uses it and can therefore provide better alerts over time.

They operate on a subscription basis, allowing users to take advantage of the service with one camera for free and then charging $9 (or $10, depending on the package) per camera per month for the right to record with multiple cameras and store the recordings on a long-term basis.

Though Camio does not wish to get specific with regards to the number of users that the device has, they would tell us that “tens of thousands” of people have taken to it and actively use the platform so far. In addition to Mayer, the company claims a group of investors that includes Greylock Partners, Freestyle Capital, BoxGroup, Floodgate Fund, and others. The deal for their seed round was concluded in February 2014, but the financial details have not been released.

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