Grip brings swipe-centered platform to the professional sphere

grip-ekran-gruntusuTinder has found significant success as a matchmaker for those seeking love, but Danish startup Grip wants to apply the concept to professionals. Grip was previously known as Networkr, a service that allowed users to see other professionals in their vicinity, but co-founder and CEO Tim Groot tells me that decided to go back to the drawing board and this is what they have developed.

The service, exclusive to Denmark at the moment, functions by allowing to users to connect by joining groups and then allowing them to swipe through other users in the group. Swiping to the left indicates a current lack of interest, but a swipe to the right indicates that user has some interest in connecting. If the other person also swipes to the right, they can begin to interact. Grip has only just launched and does not yet wish to discuss figures regarding their total number of users, but Groot tells me that they are up to 30 communities, be it UI/UX, Team Sketch, Seed Investment CPH, and others. The startup will say that they have generated 5,000 swipes at this point. At the moment, the service is available for both Android and iOS.

Startups need money to operate, but Groot says that they are offering the app for free and are primarily concerned with building their core product. The startup has external backing, having raised a seed round worth an undisclosed amount from British app developer Nodes, as well as a trio of private investors. They are operating in Copenhagen, but one of the next steps would be expansion. Groot states that they are looking into cities for expansion, but are mainly interested in locations with vibrant startup ecosystems.

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