P2P lending service Assetz Capital raises £3M through crowdfunding

assetz-screen-peopleBritish P2P-lending startup Assetz Capital has announced that they have raised 3 million pounds through Seedrs, a crowdfunding startup that allows regular people to invest in various projects. Assetz launched two years ago and currently counts nearly 8,500 lenders, but they have not previously raised funding. The company said that they had received interest from their lending customers in financially supporting the startup, which led them to decide to launch a crowdfunding investment campaign.

They initially sought 2 million pounds, but expanded their target to 3 million, which they hit with support from almost 800 backers. Supported by this latest influx of funding, the startup intends to expand their team and begin to branch out other European markets.

Assetz does not charge users to invest, but instead generates income by taking (negotiable) fees from those who borrow. To date, the startup says that they have facilitated the lending of more than 71 million pounds to British businesses.

For Seedrs, this represents one of their most significant success stories (at least in terms of money raised) to date, as the 3 million pounds taken home by Assetz rates as the second-largest amount raised through the platform. All told, Seedrs says that it has now helped projects to raise more than 4.5 million pounds in investment and facilitated 110 deals.


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