TONA simplifies the process of moving that big armoire or your dog across town

tona-shipmentMoving furniture or equipment, can often be a chore, as you typically need to rent a truck or to perhaps enlist your buddies to help you out. But, Kiev-based startup TONA wants to speed the process, having launched a platform that allows people to ship just about anything, be it a table, your dog, or some other reasonably-sized item within a few hours or days.

The process of getting something shipped through the service requires users to select the intended route (round-trip or one way), provide the details on whatever you need moved, and then the service offers a suggested price, taking into account a group of factors that includes the price of fuel, the distance, whether or not assistance in loading is required, and more. What is interesting is that they do not offer set prices, but allow users to propose a price within the recommended range and then have the driver make a counteroffer. COO Natalia Vozniak tells me that the startup generates revenue by taking a 10-20% commission on each order completed, of which there have been 230 in the first 30 days that the service has been live.

Some companies take many months or even a couple of years to get off the ground, but the team behind TONA have been able to launch the business in an impressively quick period of time. The service launched in beta on March 2nd, but they had only begun to develop it a few months prior, requiring two months to go from a concept to MVP and then another month to  They are already thinking about international expansion, as well, as while it is exclusive to Kyiv at the moment, they are planning to soon roll out to major cities across Ukraine, introduce the service to New York in the early summer, and then move into the Polish market by the end of this year.

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