Blaze offers small, powerful laser projector as an alert for bicycles

blaze-laserlightFounded by Oxford-trained physicist Emily Brooke, English startup Blaze offers their own spin on the bicycle lighting, offering a laser light that specifically alerts those nearby to the presence of a bike, when they may not otherwise see it.

The interesting aspect of the Blaze laserlight is that it does not beam just any light, but specifically projects an image of a bicycle six meters in front of the rider. The device relatively small (115mm x 44.6mm, 182g), waterproof, and offers a range of settings that allow riders to set the beam to blink or remain solid, as well as turn it on “high” or “low”. Having the light on “high” will make the device run through the battery more quickly, naturally, but they are billing the device as having enough juice to last for 2 hours under the most power-intensive conditions. And then, after finishing the ride, users can simply plug in to a nearby USB port and charge the device back up.

The device retails for 125 British pounds, but they do offer free shipping around the globe. In addition to the light, the company sells laser-mounting brackets (15 pounds), charging cables (5 pounds), and other merchandise.

Blaze picked up more than 55K pounds from 782 backers through Kickstarter, but have since raised quite a bit more, currently claiming funding to the tune of 1.5 million pounds, with backing from Index Ventures, Pembroke VCT, and the Branson family.

Brooke says that they have sold “a few thousand” since the device first went on sale a year ago, with well over a thousand in use on London streets, alone. They have already gained a solid amount of traction abroad, as well, having shipped the device to buyers in 49 countries.

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