TechMeAbroad curates job postings to help IT job-seekers connect with companies offering visa support

techmeabroad-kittyOnline job portals have made it extremely easy to find tech positions, but barriers remain if you want to work abroad. The internet has made it easy to work and collaborate remotely, but there are still challenges if have dreams of heading out of the country for that dream job. French-founded TechMeAbroad may not be able to take down these barriers, but they are aiming to provide one of the next best things, job listings for tech engineers from companies willing to offer the necessary visa support to bring top talent to their country.

The service has not been live for that long, having only launched about 3 weeks ago and currently claiming approximately 200 job listings and almost 2,000 users. The site itself is fairly spartan, simply listing jobs available and tiles indicating the types of visa that the worker will need to obtain. The premier aspects of the site are likely its price (free) and the fact that all of the offers are curated, only showing up if the company has agreed to provide full visa support to the potential hire. While the service is free to job-seekers, startups need to generate revenue somehow and the company says that they are considering charging companies a fee for placing listings for vacancies. At the moment, though, they are focused on building the business by better understanding the users that they are serving.

Co-founder Sylvain Kalache, who currently works at LinkedIn, tells me that the inspiration for the project emerged a couple of years ago when he and some others created While42, a simple organization of French engineers across the globe. They wanted to help out prospective job-seekers by alerting the group to listings that they had been informed about, but eventually realized that that it was just too much effort to post each one and decided to create a platform to allow users to search through them. It started out as nothing more than a side project, but has become serious, turning into a serious business that is currently seeking funding. In addition to offering job listings, the startup is looking to educate techies on the types of visas that they may need to go abroad, in order to try and smooth their move to their new employer.

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