Book A Tiger brings home-cleaning services to the masses

bookatiger-cleaningWith startups launching to allow people to earn cash by performing seemingly every other task that you can imagine, the market for cleaners has not gone unnoticed. Having launched in April 2014, German startup Book A Tiger, now looks to become the dominant cleaning service in central Europe.

Book A Tiger allows users to order someone to clean their home once or on a regular basis. with a slight variation in price. At 14.90 Euro per hour, depending on the location, customers can order a cleaner to come and do their work, but can arrange for someone to come regularly for 12.90 Euro. In both instances, insurance is included and, as the service operates in Germany, customers can obtain a legal invoice for a 20% refund on the cost of the cleaning. Book A Tiger tells me that they take a 20% commission on the price of the cleaning, with the rest going to their workers.

Claude Ritter, co-founder of the startup, did not enter this market with particular experience with cleaning services, but knew how to build marketplaces and decided that there was an opportunity here, as no company currently dominates the market. Although they are not revealing their total number of users, investors seem to strongly agree with the concept, as the startup has pulled in a little more than $8 million from a group of investors that includes DN Capital, Target Partners, Avala Capital, and Tamedia Digital, a Swiss firm aiding Book A Tiger in its plans for the Swiss market.

Just last week, we profiled a similar company, GoMama, which offers cleaning services in the Bulgarian market. The primary differences between the two brands are the areas that they target, as both have thus far remained primarily focused on their home market. However, Book A Tiger appears to be more ambitious with its current expansion plans, telling me that they are looking to dominate the German, Austrian, and Swiss markets, as well as move into 2-3 other cities across Europe.

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