Wolt lets users cut the line at their local coffee shop

wolt-appFor Finnish startup Wolt, ‘fast food’ is still not fast enough and they have unveiled a platform for anyone to cut the line and pre-order food or drinks from their favorite cafe.

The app developed by Wolt allows users to place orders (using the card of their choice), which can be customized, and have them waiting when the person shows up at the restaurant. Users start by checking out nearby places on the map, or selecting the restaurant, and then selecting items from the menu. After placing their order, users are offered regular updates on that status of order, letting them know when it is received, when it is being prepared, and when they can pick it up. It is cool that, having submitted your order, users can have the receipts automatically delivered to their accountant.

Wolt only launched last week, so it is a bit early to discuss traction. Juhani Mykkanen, a co-founder and the startup’s current COO, tells me that their total number of users are “in the thousands.” One factor currently limiting adoption of the platform is the fact that the service is currently only available on iOS, but they are planning to soon rectify that with the release of their Android app in April. Adoption of the service should also be aided by geographic expansion, as they are already targeting a move into the rest of Europe. Mykkanen reports that Wolt has already facilitated several deals in Berlin.

Mykkanen states that the company is backed by 400,000 Euro that they have obtained from Finnish venture firms Inventure and Lifeline Ventures, as well as high-profile angel investors Risto Siilasmaa, who is the chairman of Nokia, and Supercell CEO Ilkka Paananen (through Lifeline).

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