Yallo moves to dramatically boost the phone-call experience

yallo-appOver the years, the process of calling over long distances has experienced a number of important improvements. Losing the wires on phones, becoming mobile with the advent of car and mobile-phones, introducing video-calls with the emergence of the internet, and more. If Israeli startup Yallo succeeds, the next important step may be here.

Essentially, Yallo is looking to improve the call experience by incorporating features like the automatic re-connection of dropped calls, the ability to add a written caption so that the other party already knows why you are calling, to save calls, one-click group chats, the ability to seamlessly transfer calls from one device to another, the ability to have your voicemails transcribed and available in your email inbox, automatically transfer your call to WiFi if you have a bad signal, and the ability to have your call interrupted if a higher-priority call comes in. Users do not need to worry if they already have a phone number, as the platform can be configured so that incoming and outcoming calls can go through Yallo. The service is currently free to those who want to take early advantage, but Yallo tells me that they are planning to roll out a subscription plan, as well as charge for premium features.

At the moment, Yallo says that it has picked up “a few thousand users” since it launched in beta the Google Play store on March 1 (a similar app for iOS is due to be released sometime soon). Despite not having not been live for long, they have picked up a solid bit of external funding in the form of $5.5 million from Carmel Ventures and individual investors. Right now, the company plans to improve the overall service and increase their presence in the United States.

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