Augmented Pixels, focused on developing solutions in the virtual-reality sector, announces $1M in new funding

augmentedpixelsUkrainian augmented-reality startup Augmented Pixels has announced that they have obtained $1 million in funding and will relocate their operations to Palo Alto, California. This latest funding comes from The Hive, a co-creation studio that focuses on creating data-driven applications. As we noted back in July, the startup had been funded by a seed round from AVentures and Ciklum founder Torben Majgaard, the deal for which was closed in 2012. Augmented Pixels, which was founded back in 2010, says that they intend to use the funds from this latest round to continue to develop their platform, specifically focusing on new technologies for 3-D scanning and the creation of inexpensive, but high-quality, virtual-reality content.

Augmented Pixels says that they are focused on the B2B sector, creating a platform that can be used to generate sales in retail, marketing, real estate, architecture, design, entertainment, and events. Their main services at this point are Real Estate: IntuitHouse, which allow developers and architects to provide virtual-reality previews of their properties, and Real Estate: ShowInRoom, which allows users to create virtual showrooms and preview furnishings within a property.

Despite moving their headquarters to California, the company has not forgotten about its Ukrainian roots, maintaining a development center in Odessa. Although the company did not reveal how many customers they are serving, they did note that they have developed partnerships with National Geographic, Jayman, Zoom3D, and others.

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