Norwegian startup Viva prepares to enter home-management market

vivaIoTappThe race is on to develop the best platform that will allow the home owner to quickly and easily control or set any home device and appliance, preferably from their smartphone. We have already seen a couple of challengers in this market, namely Homey and Cozify, but now a new competitor, Norwegian startup Viva, prepares to go live.

The platform developed by Viva is looking to capture the power of the GPS in the the user’s smartphone to allow them to just go about their day, without having to worry about changing the temperature or lighting or turning off appliances, like your coffee. The system, which works through sensors that users can plug into their wall-sockets, allows them to remotely control lights, the stereo, and other devices, but the intriguing aspect is that it learns the behavior of the user and responds accordingly. For instance, the system can be set to automatically lower the temperature in the house while the person is away or asleep and then turn it back up when the person comes home and will be moving about.

Viva has not yet launched to the public, but those interested in trying the service will not have wait too long, as founder Henrik Holen tells me that they are targeting Q2 2015 for rolling out the service in partnership with a Norwegian utility company and that it will be available through other companies during the second half of this year. Holen tells me that the they have not yet decided on the cost of the platform, but believe that they will charge 9.99 Euro per month for a kit.

Just last week, Viva announced that they have obtained 400,000 Euro in funding from Founders Fund, Investinor, and a small group of undisclosed private investors to bring their solution to the European market.

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