TaxiStartup wants to help traditional taxi services in their digital battle against the likes of Uber

TaxiStartupEstonian startup TaxiStartup aims to help traditional taxi companies with a toolkit that will lead them enter the mobile era and fight against the likes of Uber.

TaxiStartup targets three sides with its apps, offering services to drivers, passengers, and the dispatcher. On the driver side, the platform offers users information on the location of the passenger and the quickest route to that spot, as well as allowing them to either accept or reject the call. And then, on the customer side, the app offers information on potential drivers (including star-ratings), letting passengers figure out how they would like to get where they are going. Having completed the ride, there is then the option of clicking through several different payment options. Dispatchers are not left out, either, as they are offered a web-based map service to see where their drivers are located and the calls that have been received. The platform is not cheap, ranging in price from $239 to $10,000 per month (billed annually), depending on how many drivers the company employs and the level of support that they require.

TaxiStartup is based out of Tallinn, but they have really established a strong European presence, maintaining a development office in Minsk and a product office in Copenhagen. Since the company launched back in 2012, they have pulled in $400K in seed funding from Capnavi, which is owned by one of the co-founders of TaxiStartup.

The company tells me that they are currently focusing on establishing operations in emerging markets, particularly in cities outside of the country’s capital. Most recently, they announced that they have moved into the Indonesian market, launching with 150 drivers. At the moment, the company says that they operate in 30 countries around the globe. Whereas Uber has sometimes encountered hostility and has had to clear regulatory hurdles whenever they move into a new area, TaxiStartup tells me that they have managed to essential operate as they please.

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