Mapstr brings a social aspect to maps with a tool for tracking and sharing favorite locations

mapstrMap services like Google Maps may be wonderful for finding interesting places to visit, but not as much for remembering where you have been or would like to go, or to create custom maps that can be shared with others. French startup Mapstr aims to fill this void with a neat tool that allows its users to do just that.

Mapstr is not simply a tool for marking places that the user has visited, but a platform that allows them to add tags, descriptions, and photograph those spots, as well as share their custom maps with others. What is cool about this service is that there are a number of ways to add places, including typing in the name, by finding the address, by geolocating your device, or by scanning  the address, such as it appears in a magazine or newspaper. From there, users can add tags in order to create some order to the customized map.

One of the nicer aspects about Mapstr is that the platform is currently free and includes no ads, but startups have to make money somehow and the company tells me that they are planning to generate revenue through paid features that can be accessed in-app.

Going forward, the company tells me that they are planning to allow users to share maps privately, receive notifications when they are in the proximity of one of their tagged spots, and access and sync the maps across devices. At the moment, the service is exclusively available on iOS.

Thus far, the team at Mapstr has funded the project themselves. Sebastien Caron, the startup’s CEO and founder, tells me that the platform launched in public beta four months ago and that they have not done any marketing, which makes it impressive that they have already gained the attention of 15,000 users. What is interesting is that 40% of those users come from outside France, indicating that word about Mapstr has already begun to spread.

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