Bulgarian startup GoMama offers affordable maid service

gomama-coverNot everyone has time for cleaning and maintaining home and has the option of simply not dealing with the problem or hiring a service. Hiring a maid can be expensive, but Bulgiarian startup GoMama aims to change this with a service that will offer the local masses professional-level cleaning at an affordable price.

The system works by enabling customers to hire out a maid for 4 hours and having her complete tasks around the home. It may be that there is not 4 hours worth of work to done, but this period is set in stone. If necessary, customers have the option of booking the maid for 8 hours or even to hire 2 maids for the 4-hour period. Those who pay for the service must be ready for at least some short-term commitment, as they are required to pay for at least 4 visits (at regularly-scheduled times and dates) upfront, with the option of then dropping the service or continuing on. The average Bulgarian took home 865 lev (roughly $468) per month last year, so the service, which costs 37 lev ($20) for a 4-hour visit, is a bit expensive, but will not necessarily break the bank. One of the interesting aspects about GoMama is that they actually employ all of their workers directly, rather than hire them as independent contractors.

The team behind GoMama first conceived of the project in October 2013 and it did not take long for them to set things in motion, receiving their first order on January 1, 2014. The company says that they have 500 registered users, with more than 350 users taking advantage of their service, but notes that they have spent little on marketing over the past year, preferring instead to devote their time to developing the core service. Now, however, they are ready for expansion. Having picked up 200,000 Euro from Bulgarian investor LAUNCHub, they are planning to expand operations to a city outside of Bulgaria.

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