DreamCheaper helps you to improve on the deal that you find for the hotel room

dreamcheaperFinding and booking a hotel room has become an incredibly simple process. For most, they will just book and be on their on their way, but German startup DreamCheaper looks to attract the attention of those who may have a nagging feeling that, even after securing their room, there may yet be a better deal out there.

DreamCheaper operates by taking reservations that customers make on other sites and then using their platform to automatically search the web in an effort to see if they can find a superior deal. Users take advantage of the service by passing along their confirmation email and then DreamCheaper goes about improving on that price. Users do not have to worry about DreamCheaper cancelling their room, however, as the startup says that they make that move only after finding a better deal. The service is free to use, while DreamCheaper generates revenue by taking 20% of the savings that they create. It is an interesting approach, as they tell me that they do not get paid if their customers do not save anything.

DreamCheaper is approaching the one-year anniversary of the launch of the platform, having launched their public beta in May 2014. The startup currently claims more than 5,000 users, but tells me that they double the volume each month.

Many startups turn to external funding in order to get their business off the ground, but the team behind DreamCheaper has thus far completely funded this project themselves. Going forward, the company tells me that they are planning to make their move into the mobile sphere with an app that will allow users to accept or reject the optimization options, as well as select alternative hotels in order to increase the chances of finding savings. They are considering branching out, as well, telling me that they may move into car-rental market.

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