Orientation-software startup initiafy announces rebranding, reports $1.5 in seed funding

initiafyThe employee orientation software developer known as Induction Manager in the United States and Orientation Manager in Europe has announced that they have rebranded under the unified name of initiafy and that have raised $1.5 million total seed funding from a group that includes Delta Partners Group, ACT Venture Capital, and private investor Leslie Buckley.

initiafy targets companies who hire contractors and temp staff with a platform that allows them to cut costs by training workers before they even show up for their first day on the job. The platform is designed to cut the amount of time that will be required to train a particular worker, as well as provide employees with information that will allow them to see how well the workers understand the tasks that they will be completing.

The basic package will set customers back $6,300, as well as additional fee for each worker that they wish to train. There are 3 different price packages, ranging from $15.20 to $21.20 per credit. The main differences between the packages in the number of people who could use the software and in the features offered.

The startup launched in Ireland back in April 2012, but has since expanded and serves 25 countries. At the moment, the company reports that their software is used by more than 70 firms, including 5 of the top 20 construction companies in the United Kingdom. They have also opened an office in New York and state that this latest funding will be used to bolster their presence in the American market. More specifically, the company tells me that they are planning to boost the size of their staff to 100 and open additional offices in the United States by the end of the year. Developing a mobile presence has become increasingly critical to the success of many startups and initiafy reports that they intend to roll out their own in the near future.

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