wants to become the universal review site for just about any item or person

shadow-com-screenWhether on restaurants, electronics, movies, apartments, or just about anything else, reviews are always available online on specialized publications mostly. Israeli-founded startup Shadow wants to become the universal one though, creating a portal for finding reviews, videos, and other information on just many different items or people.

Using the service is pretty simple, as users can access reviews through the search bar at the top of the page. They can either search through all possibilities or, if they would like to narrow it down, there is a list of subcategories that ranges from appliances to basketball players to vitamins to airlines. Having found a particular person, product, or company, users can click and find a bevy of information, including basic details on the individual or item, reviews from various sites, polls and reviews (users of may also weigh in with their opinion on it), and similar items or people. For instance, checking out the page for the 2015 Honda Accord Hybrid, I was able to find information about the car, reviews from prominent car sites, videos on YouTube, and links to other models from Honda, all through this one central portal.

The platform is free for all users, but startups have to generate revenue somehow and the company tells me that they are planning to roll out a “freemium” package for businesses that will allow them to access a page of aggregated reviews for free, but pay for additional features, such as analytics.

Even though the platform remains in beta, it has proven to be extremely popular, as Gideon Hazam tells me that they are approaching 1 million unique users per month. This service currently operates in the United States, but Hazam tells me that they have their sights set on global expansion, with a move into the European market  planned for next year.

Hazam says that the company is backed by an undisclosed amount of funding from private investors Eli Mashiah and Israel Mazin.

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