Nustay to launch platform that will offer rooms at luxury hotels with affordable prices

nustay-screenFounded by a pair of Danes, Nustay plans to take aim at the booking-market for luxury hotels with a platform that offers personalized offers.

There are plenty of hotel-search platforms out there, but Nustay has decided to focus on higher-end hotels, negotiating with hotels to provide significant discounts to users who may not ordinarily be able to afford to stay there. The service is designed to allow four-star and five-star hotels reach out to prospective customers by using an algorithm to analyse guests by their profile, interests, and previous expenditures. From there, the hotels could reach out with a personalized offer to the guest. It is a bit unclear as to which markets they intend to initially target, but the startup says that they plan to go globally and include all major cities within their service. The startup has opted for the commission model, taking a small cut from each hotel that secures a booking.

The team behind Nustay began developing this project last summer and are nearly ready to go live, targeting next month for the big launch. Despite not having yet launched, the startup has attracted external financial backing. The investment, announced just a few days ago, comes in the form of $375K from Magnus Kjoeller, as well as $125K from At the moment, the startup claims backing from investors based in London, Copenhagen, Oslo, and Dubai. It then makes sense that the team behind Nustay plans to relocate to Dubai until June, when they will make their way across the Atlantic to their final destination in Silicon Valley.

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