Spotahome is a property-rental platform with personally checked property entries

spotahomeAnytime you are renting a property abroad, be it a home, apartment, or a dorm room, there is a bit of a risk involved. These days, it is relatively easy to find sites that offer reviews of the place that you are looking to rent, but there may still be some concern on the part of the renter. Spanish startup Spotahome looks to remove those lingering concerns with a platform for finding and renting places that have been personally inspected by the startup’s team.

Spotahome, which launched last March, operates by allowing property-owners to post their offering on the platform and then dispatching representatives to go and look things over. The process, which is free to the property-owner, allows them to provide a virtual tour with the help of HD videos, photos, and floor plans. The UI of their website appears to be somewhat pleasing, allowing users to see where properties are located in a particular city. They can can either check them all out or use filters to narrow down the list of possible options by size (number of rooms), dates, and price.

Instead of charging for the inspection, Spotahome has opted to take a small commission from the landlord on each transaction that they generate. On the renter side, Spotahome says that they charge 49-199 Euro, depending on the length of the stay.

At the moment, the company says that it has 1,500 users. The service has generated a nice amount of business, reporting that it has booked in excess of 2 million Euro in rental contracts.

Just last week, the startup announced that they have picked up an undisclosed amount of funding from Howzat Partners and Charlotte Street Capital. The service has thus far attracted 5,000 listings for cities such as Madrid, Rome, Barcelona, Seville, Valencia, and Granada, but they are ambitious and are looking to bring the platform to more cities in the near future.

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