Uberchord to unveil app that serves like a toolkit for those who wants to learn to play the guitar

uberchordAfter picking up a guitar, one route for learning how to improve on it is to hire a tutor, but the internet has made it easier to access tutorials and try to teach yourself. German startup Uberchord has their own solution and is preparing to roll out a platform that it believes will enable users to grab their guitar and start learning to play.

For many people who choose to pick up a musical instrument, the desire to make music comes from listening to popular music. The app developed by Uberchord is aiming to be the total package for someone interested in learning a guitar, providing a tuner, a library of chords, as well as a tool that enables users to create chords for their favorite music. What is particularly intriguing, though, is the interactivity of the platform. Users do not have to simply read off of their phone, but can have the phone listen to their playing and have it recognize chords, as well as offer feedback.

Uberchord has not yet launched, but those interested in using will not have to wait long, as they are planning to go live next month. Like a number of startups, they are embracing the mobile sphere first through an app for iOS this year and then through an Android app, which is scheduled to be rolled out in 2016. As an incentive for prospective users to give it a try, the service will be able for free at launch. Uberchord intends to introduce a subscription plan, available for $10 per month, in the third quarter of this year.

Uberchord is quiet about exactly how much external backing they have picked up since the company launched in September 2014, but they did announce this past week that they have pulled in seed funding in the “high-six-figures”. Their current backers include a handful of private investors.

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