Spanish startup Hooks wants to become your go-to source for notifications

hooks-notificationsWe have become used to having constant access to information, wanting to be alerted the moment that something interesting or relevant to us goes down. Services like sports apps, social networks, email clients, and more already typically offer a variety of notifications, but Spanish startup Hooks is looking to do them one better by offering its users a larger variety, including alerts that users can have it custom created for free.

Notification services have fairly stiff competition at the moment, with Google Now offering a variety of alerts based on searches, email conversations, and notifications that the user has established. However, Hooks believes that they can attract their own users with a platform that offers a seemingly-boundless set of options, from AMBER (missing child) alerts to lottery results to Bitcoin exchange rates. They connect with social-networks, as well, offering a host of updates for specific Twitter keywords, the latest movie and TV releases on Netflix, and a number of other platforms. At the moment, the company has opted to not reveal their total number of users, but they have just launched and it may take a little while for the platform to become widely adapted. For now, the service has a rating of 4.5 stars (out of 5) from 91 reviews in the App Store.

Sometimes startups do not have to go far to find financial backing and that is the case with Hooks. Hooks co-founder Oleg Kozynenko tells me that they are operating using $60K that they have primarily picked up from family and friends. Hooks is not generating revenue, but they are currently exploring monetization options, including partnerships and changing for various types of apps.

What is interesting about this startup is their short-term plans. We do not encounter many startups anxious to develop for the newer “smart” watches, but Kozynenko says that Hooks is planning to bring its service to the Apple Watch in April, as well as rolling out an app for Android.

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