Elderly-focused startup Sekoia pulls in €2.7M in funding from Northcap

sekoia-screenDanish startup Sekoia, which specializes in software for elderly-care, reports that it has hauled in 2.7 million Euro from Northcap. Having rolled the platform out to 40 elderly-care homes in Denmark, the company now plans to expand to the United Kingdom, Germany, and the rest of Scandinavia, as well as continue to develop the core service.

Sekoia reports that Klaus Nyengaard, who was the original angel investor in the startup, will continue as its chairman. Prior to this latest funding round, Sekoia participated in the acceleration program at Accelerace and obtained an undisclosed amount of funding from Nupark Accelerace.

The touchscreen platform designed by Sekoia aims to reduce inefficiency in this market by allowing healthcare workers to plan tasks and to see who is completing them, managing patients, maintaining the calendar, submitting orders, and more. The company says that its software has been used to complete 1 million care tasks monthly and that the city of Odense has saved 1.3 million Euro by using the platform.

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