Glovo launches to provide just about any delivery service that you might reasonably expect

glovoSpanish startup Glovo wants to break the traditional mold by offering a platform that allows its users to order any type of reasonable delivery or service that they could want. Need a bouquet of flowers delivered? Done. Need a package delivered? No problem. Have a craving for a burger from a particular restaurant? Still an option. Essentially, anything that can be delivered, picked up, or bought within an hour is fair game (no animals, though).

The platform, currently available on iOS and coming soon to Android, allows its users to submit their request, which will be sent out to a driver. Users can then contact the driver over the phone and track the progress of deliveries through GPS. Right now, the service operates based on a fixed fee of 5.5 Euro, but they are planning to roll out a “distance counter” and “waiting-time counter” to reward drivers who are able to carry out more difficult tasks.

Glovo has not been live for long, having launched on February 14, but they have thus far attracted around 900 users, with 7-12 orders completed daily. Javier Maquieira tells me that he first began to contemplate creating this business during his university studies in the United States. He says that he wanted to develop a service that could help to tackle the country’s unemployment issues by providing an outlet through which people can earn a bit of cash on the side by carrying out tasks.

Glovo is offering flexibility, allowing drivers to work on a full-time or part-time basis, or even freelance if they wish. In order to become a “glover”, prospective drivers apply and participate in a training session before heading out and beginning to complete tasks. Drivers start out by taking between 70% on the price of each service, but they can bump that figure up to a maximum of 80% through solid performance.

Glovo’s website is exclusively in Spanish, which offers an indication of the market that they are currently targeting. Although founded in Barcelona, Maquieira tells me that they plan to expand to Madrid and three other cities by this summer. Glovo currently claims 140K Euro from a dozen private investors.

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