Latvian startup Edurio takes home top honors in pitch contest at TechChill Baltics

edurio-techchillWith the arrival of February comes the annual TechChill Baltics conference, one of the leading tech events in CEE. This year’s winner of the pitch contest, Latvian startup Edurio, takes aim at the sphere of education will a platform that streamlines the process of submitting and managing student-feedback reports.

The platform aims to streamline the feedback process by allowing students to log in to the system and self-assess their motivation to learn and their understanding of the subject, as well as the aims and approach of the teachers and relationships within the classroom. On the other side, teachers and administrators are therefore offered easy access to data that offers insight into the current status of various classes.

Ernest Jenavs, who co-founded the startup and currently works at its CEO, tells me that they decided to develop the project a year and a half ago while he was still a student at Manchester University. He says that he was writing his dissertation on examination methods and found that entering student-feedback reports was problematic, as they tended to be rudimentary, clunky, and rather uninsightful. He began to have some preliminary discussions with a friend, but the project did not initially take off. But, circumstances changed and, after speaking with his fellow classmate and consulting with numerous teachers and administrators at schools in Latvia, they decided to build a platform for the modern era.

Jenavs tells me that that they have not yet settled on a pricing model, but they plan to charge an annual subscription fee based on the size of the school and the services that they require. The company is currently backed by 50K Euro from “one of Latvia’s support schemes”, but Jenavs tells me that they are currently working to conclude a seed round.

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