Berlin based Simplesurance raises $8M in Series B, aims to be e-shopping insurance leader in Europe

schutzklick SimplesuranceThe Berlin based startup Simplesurance, an secure e-shopping and insurance platform, completes it’s Series B funding with more than $8 million. The German company has now been funded so far with a total of $11.5 million.

In addition to new investments of current shareholders (including Rheingau Founders) with seven digits sums, Route 66 Ventures LLC and a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) listed Fortune 500 insurance company become the new investors of Simplesurance.

Simplesurance is active in Germany and Austria with ‘Schutzklick’ brand, and active in Netherlands with ‘Klikzeker’. The company, which is founded in May 2012, plans to enter into two key European markets this year and continue to expand its product portfolio for the internationalization of its cross-selling e-commerce platform.

Aims to be leader in Europe

Simplesurance which has over 600 partners including many well-known companies especially in Germany, aims within short term to be the industry leader in e-commerce cross-selling technology in Europe.

Simplesurance founder and CEO Robin von Hein said; “We’re really proud that that our software solutions are generating such a strong interest from the United States.  With the wealth of experience we’ve been able to establish such a high level of performance we’re now able to start the shift into other markets“.

The company which olsa offers consumers the possibility to directly insure purchased products completely paperless with only a fewclicks, has around 50 employees from 10 countries including CTO Ismail Asci of Turkey.

schutzklick SimplesurancePhoto 1: Schutzklick Management (f.r.t.l.) Ismail Asci (CTO), Manuel Kester (COO), Robin von
Hein (CEO), Joachim von Bonin (CFO) und Alen Cerovina (CSO).

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