FOODsniffer prepares to roll out handheld device for testing the freshness of food

foodsnifferFood poisoning is something that most people never have to deal with, but one bad experience may leave them wishing that they had done something to prevent it. Health laws may ensure the quality at food when eating at a restaurant, but shopping for your own food can be a bit trickier. Lithuanian startup FOODsniffer prepares to a launch a device that it bills as an “electronic sniffer”, which would allow users to quickly check to see if the food that they are on the verge of buying can be considered fresh.

The small, handheld device uses sensors for temperature, humidity, ammonia, and volatile organic compounds to detect whether a particular food item is fresh, hazardous to the person’s health, or whether there may be a chance of food poisoning. The PERES, as it is called, allows users to test the safety of pork, beef, chicken, or beef by pressing a button and quickly checking for the presence of more than 100 different volatile organic compounds. Then, PERES spits out data with an app for Android and iOS that providers statistics on the compounds detected, a rating (fresh or otherwise), and a recommendation on what the user should do. The device is currently available for pre-order at $120.

FOODSniffer tells me that they have 400,000 Euro in funding from European venture fund MES Invest and other private angels. The startup also opted to bring in funding through a campaign on Indiegogo back in May, which delivered more than $77,000 from 535 backers (they hoped to take home $50,000). The product will not officially launch until March, but the startup is already targeting global expansion, with the American, Canadian, South American, and Asian markets topping the list. At the moment, the company is working to secure patents in the European Union and the United States.

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