LIBER8 Technology finds successful crowdfunding for what it hopes will be the future of wrist-based technology

liber8-wristbandWearables devices do not need to always tell the time or receive emails. Hungarian startup LIBER8 Technology has taken their own approach to “wearables” with the tago arc, a bracelet which may represent the future of wrist-based fashion.

The appeal of this bracelet is that the basic band is pretty plain, but wearers can take out their smartphones and buy new “images” to transfer to the bracelet. The device uses NFC to transfer the data, which is why the company says that it will currently only work with Android phones (version 4.0 and up). One of the ways that it differs from other wearables is that it does not require any charging.

The bracelets are available in red, maroon, blue, lime green, yellow, and pink, but the designs themselves are black, as they are displayed using e-ink. The cheaper models available to backers (which were as cheap as $99) are sold out, but it is still possible to pick one up for $259.

The company is not disclosing the retail price of the bracelet, but would say that it will cost more than the price for Indiegogo backers. Crowdfunding campaigns occasionally have issues, as backers dole out money for a project that they cannot immediately buy or try out. LIBER8, however, tells me that they have already developed a working prototype of their bracelet.

The team behind LIBER8 has bootstrapped the project up to this point, but they are on the verge of a nice haul through their crowdfunding campaign. They set out to raise $40,000, but this startup has already picked up more than $80,000 from 471 backers with another 16 days left in the campaign.

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