Ukrainian-founded Kwambio prepares to launch marketplace for 3D designs

Kwambio940Ukraine may be experiencing a severe political and economic crisis, but there have always been bright spots in the country’s startup community. Although based out of New York City, Ukrainian-founded startup Kwambio is one of those bright spots, preparing to launch a marketplace than will allow those who design for 3-D printers to offer works that can be purchased and turned into actual 3-D models.

3-D printers appear to be on the verge of taking off as tools that people can purchase and use at home or work. However, even when buying a printer, it is not necessarily useful if the user does not have any particular expertise with designing items to be printed. Kwambio intends to fill this gap by connecting designers with the average consumer. When it launches, the platform will act as a marketplace, allowing customers to select from more than 200 designs in the categories of art, decor, fashion, and gadgets. From there, Kwambio intends to allow users to customize the selected design and to then be able to create them on their own 3-D printer. The platform will initially be free to those ordering designs, but the company eventually intends to introduce a small fee for each print ordered. Although the marketplace has yet to launch, the company estimates that the designs will be on sale for $2-15.

The startup was founded back in 2013, but businesses sometimes take awhile to build and they remain in private beta. Kwambio CEO Volodymyr Usov tells me that, even though they have not carried out significant marketing efforts, they have attracted nearly 2,000 users, 42% of whom are based in the United States.

Kwambio claims $500K funding from undisclosed external investors, as well as 15K Euro that they received for winning the grand prize at IDCEE, a major Ukrainian tech conference.

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